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Welcome to Naturally Healthy Kids!

We are happy to assist 24 hours a day for urgent needs, but please call during business hours (8:30-5:30) M-F for non-urgent issues or for appointment scheduling. Keep kids healthy and well with lots of good handwashing, good sleep, lots of physical activity, and good nutrition!

We don't view medicine as a cold and clinical thing but as a process often without a single right answer.
We don't see a file number when we're talking with a sick patient, we see a hurting child that's probably a little scared looking back at us and we know that a little warmth and care will make the healing process so much better and a lot less scary.

  • We don't believe in fighting the body with harsh treatments as a first course, we believe in working with the body to heal itself.
  • We believe in making the parents a part of the process, not just an observer.
  • We believe healing is faster when it's approached as a total process, not just a pill.
  • We believe making a long term partnership for your child's healthcare is better than seeing random doctors who don't know your child's history.
  • We believe your child is the most precious thing in your life and want you to walk out of our door knowing that in our hearts we believe that too.
  • We know you have other options as far as a health care provider and will work hard to keep your trust!